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GEOMED-2007- International Symposium on Geography
Environment and Culture in the Mediterranean Region

Symposium Program

GEOMED-2007-International Symposium on Geography will be held at Hall 1 & 2 at Rose Beach Residence Hotel. We have 13 sessions and program runs currently with together in two halls on June 6-7. Program will start on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 2 p.m and Chair of the Symposium Prof. Dr. h. c. Ibrahim Atalay will deliver the Keynote Address. Dr. Atalay is expert on ecology, ecosystem, soil and vegetation of  the Taurus Mountains. A welcome reception will be held at 5.30 p.m.  on Tuesday 5, June  in Hall 1 and Farewel dinner will be held at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 7, June. We will have 3 field trips after the Symposium; June 8, 1A- This field trip will focus on ecosystems and natural landscape of  Taurus Mountains.  1B- This field trip goes to Antalya environs: Historic, cultural landscape,  and  June 9 - 13, 2007  Mediterranean Ecosystems Working Group: Field Research Trip. This field trip will visit several locations in the Taurus Mountains.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007


 Hall 1


09.00 a.m-18.00 p.m:             Registration desk open at Lobby

09.00-14.00: Arrival and Registration


Welcome and Opening Keynote:
Prof. Dr. h.c. Ibrahim Atalay, Turkey
The evolution and ecological properties of Taurus Mountains


Opening Session


Chair: Prof. Dr.Barış Mater, Turkey


Prof. Dr. Abd-Alla Gad, Egypt

Medium scale assessment of Desertification Sensitivity Using Remote Sensing and GIS, A study case in the North of Western Desert, Egypt


Prof. Dr. Pua Bar, Amos Bouskila, Elli Groner,  Israel

Restoration of coastal sand dunes for conservation of landscape and psammophtic biodiversity.


Prof. Dr. Georges Cravins, USA
The Changing Nature, Value, and Environmental and Spatial Dimensions of Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey, 1990-2007.


Prof. Dr. Chang-yi David Chang, Taiwan
Hazard Risk Management A Case of Mountain Highway Construction in Taiwan






Session 1


Chair: Prof. Dr. Pua Bar, Israel


Prof. Dr. Fantina Tedim Pedrosa, Portugal

The management of forest fires in protected areas in Portugal     


Prof. Dr. Mehmet  Arıtan,  USA

Health Care Profiles of the Mediterranean Basin Countries


Prof. Dr. Viswas. S. Kale, India

Trends and Patterns of Variations in the Hydrological Characteristics of Mountain Rivers: Central Japan




Opening Reception


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Hall 1

Hall 2


Registration Desk Open at Lobby



Session 2

Session 3


Chair: Prof. Dr. George Cravins,  USA

Chair: Prof. Dr.  Dan Balteanu, Romania


S. Baysan, Turkey
Attitudes of Tourism Establishments about Tourism Development and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Ören (Milas) Turkey.

T. Altın, Turkey

Determination of Morphologic-Tectonic Evolution of Bolkardag Mountain through Drainage Pattern


H. Zolfaghari, Iran
Potentials and Limitations in Iran for Developing Tourism Sector

 P. Bar - O. Cohen – J. Riov – Y. Katan – A.Gamliel, Israel

Management of invasive plants, such as Acacia saligna, in a coastal nature reserve, Israel.


E. D.Dogramadjieva - M. A. Assenova, Bulgaria

The Role of Ecotourism in local tourism development: The view of Bulgarian Municipal administrations

M. Öztürk -Ç. Görk - G. Görk - C. Yarcı, Turkey
An Overview of Plant Diversity  & Land Degradation Interactions in the East Mediterranean


C. Sarı, Turkey

Alternative tourism and touristic product verification strategies: A Case study in Alakir valley (Kumluca, Antalya)

B. Shpejtim-G. Gashi-F. Isufi- I. Ramadani, UNMIK Kosovo

Actual Processes of Relief Modeling on the Valley of LLap and their Impact on the Environment


A. Akış-B. Kaya, Turkey,

R. Seferov, Azerbaijan
The influence of tourism on Alanya and its close environment

M. Karabulut - M. Gürbüz - M. Küçükönder, Turkey
Soil Erosion Identification Using GIS Techniques in Golbaşı (Adıyaman) Lake Basin








Session 4



Chair: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Zanetto, Italy

Chair: Prof.Dr. Fantina T. Pedrosa, Portugal


G. Emekli-F. Soykan, Turkey

Prospects for rural cultural tourism in Turkey: case study of Karaburun

E. Erlat, Turkey

Trends of the climatological growing season in Turkey


G. Biger, Israel

Political boundaries in the Meditteranean world

C.Ikiel - B. Kaymaz, Turkey
The Correlation between montly temperature and pressure values in Turkey


A. Özel - N.Keser,  Turkey

Ecotourism potential of Kütahya Province

B. Bartok,  Hungary
Global Radiation Estimations Based on Cloudness with Respect to Global Warming in Mediterranean Region


S. Ceylan-H. Demirkaya,  Turkey

Research on Contributions of winter tourism to local societies in terms of ecotourism): Çobanisa Village (Isparta)

Ali Mohammad, India
Land use, Land capability and Sustainable Agriculture Production for Food Security in the Mediterranean Arab Countries


R. Oban- İ. Buldan , Turkey

The development of the tourism in Uyku Valley (Milas-Muğla)

B. Kaya - A. Akış,  Turkey
R. Seferov, Azerbaijan
Industrial influence on climate and climate change in Konya




13.00-15.00          Lunch & Relaxation                


Session 6

Session 7


Chair: Prof. Dr. Marieta Staneva, USA

Chair: Prof. Dr. Viswas. S. Kale, India


M. Hayır-M. Koç,  Turkey

An example for the suburban settlements formed developing cities by industrialization- Adapazari 32 Evler District

C. Güngöroğlu-R. Sabuncu,  Turkey

Threatened forest ecosystems in Mediterranean Region and Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) case


E. K. Sandal-M. Karabulut ,  Turkey
Examination of the relationship between life expectancy and social, economic, environmental factors in Africa

B. Aksoy - M. Coşkun, Turkey

Climate Changes and Its Effect on Turkey


A. Mohd - B. Zainal - Yip Hin Wai,  Malaysia
An Evaluation study on ecotourism and the needs for best practices or operators in Taman Negara National park, Malaysia

I. Ionita,  Romania

Land Degredation and soil conservation in the Moldavian Plateau, Romania


T. Çetin,  Turkey

The effects of natural environment on economic activities: The Uluborlu cherry agriculture

A. Kavgacı,  Turkey
The General Vegetation Characteristics of Cedar Forests on Taurus Mountains


İ. Bulut - M. Zaman - H. Hadimli, Turkey

The Alternative Tourism Activities Backwards the  Riviera of  Turkey (AKSEKİ)

F. Kara - A. Demirci, Turkey
An Investigation of Recreational Behaviors and Development for a Sustainable Recreational Plan in İstanbul


S. Ceylan, Turkey
Significance of Zeytintaşı cave (Serik-Antalya) in terms of ecotourism

A.Pedrosa -J. Gonçalves - M. Martins,  Portugal
Land management and landslides in the north of Portugal





Poster Session- 1                   Hall 1


C. M. Garcia,  Brasil

Evolution space-time of the accidents with Lonomia Obliqua, Walker 1885, in the State of the Parana- South of the Brasil

A. Atalay, C. İkiel, Turkey
Trend analysis of monthly and annual flow values of Sakarya river (Turkey)


G. Kantürk , Turkey

The usage of geographical information systems for tuberculosis data of İzmir

E. Atasoy - S. Alkış , Turkey
Elementary Teachers’ understandings of physical geography concepts


G.Akbulut, Turkey

Tourism potential of Demre (Antalya)

C. İkiel - B. Kaymaz, Turkey
Climatic conditions impact and importance on canola cultural plant growing in Turkey.


R. Efe -  S. Sönmez - İ. Cürebal, Turkey
Ecosystem Properties of the Mancılık Mountain (Balikesir) Orobiome

G. Kantürk , Turkey

The usage of geographical information systems for tuberculosis data of İzmir

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hall 1

Hall 2


Registration Desk Open at Lobby



Session 8

Session 9


Chair: Prof. Dr. A. Mohammad, India

Chair: Prof. Dr. G. Biger, Israel


E. Orlowska, Poland

Cultural aspect of geographical studies of on the Mediterranean Region

F. T. Pedrosa - J. Pires, Portugal
Forest Fire Severity in the Peneda-Geres National Park (Northern Portugal): The influence of the population dynamics


M. P. Staneva, USA
The Culture of Water  in Bulgaria: From the Past to the Future

A. Yaman,  Turkey
Geographical analysis of natural environment-human relationships and agricultural activity on the coast of the Gulf of Edremit (NW of Turkey)


P. Minoia - F. Guglielmi, Italy
Social conflict in water resource management and environmental impacts in south-eastern Tunisia

A Pereira - A. Pedrosa, Portugal
Hydrological processes and hazards in urban catchments: A Contribution to land management


E.Artvinli - İ. Bulut - N. Kaya, Turkey
New Yusufeli (Artvin) and The Dam: Economic Progress or Regression?

H. Çukur - C. Tenteriz ,  Turkey

Land-Use Changes on The Coastal Belts of Kuşadası Gulf


A. Karadağ, Turkey

The Geographical factors affecting the identity of Anatolian cities

E. Moran-Tejeda-A. C. Barbancho,  Spain
Water resources and environment changes in Mediterranean headwaters








Session 10

Session 11


Chair: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arıtan - USA

Chair: Prof. Dr. Paola Minoia, Italy


S. Zaman, Turkey

Functional changes and their reasons: In yayla settlements in Antalya Beydağları

İ. Atalay – R. Efe – A. Soykan – İ. Cürebal – C. Sarı, Turkey
The karsticification processes and the formation of Antalya travertine deposits


R. Yurt, Turkey

The Effect of Rainfall on Landslides  on the East Black Sea part of Turkey

T. Altın -Turkey

Development of Drainage and Terrace Systems in Ecemiş Valley


N. Özgen - V. Boz , Turkey

A Geographical analysis on interaction between human and natural environment around Gercüş-Savur (Mardin).

N. Keser - A. Özel , Turkey

Three examples to explain the formation and development mechanism of the western Taurus Poljes


S. Ozaner, Turkey
Geomorphological Evolution and Ecotourism potential of Olympos-Çıralı  Coastal Zone (Antalya-Turkey) and  its Surroundings

G. Zanetto,  A. Calzavara, L. Lovo,  P. Minoia, Italy
Climate policies at urban level: A case study of territorial planning in Italy.


D. Morche,  Germany
Chemical denudation in an Alpine geosystem – A 5 year record

A.Gal - M. Lakotos,  Romania

Study Concerning the Types of Micro Mud Volcanoes in Transylvania, Romania




13.00-15.00          Lunch & Relaxation                


Session 12

Session 13


Chair:Prof.Dr.Chang-yi David Chang, Taiwan

Chair:  Prof. Dr.  Münir Öztürk, Turkey


E. Kaya - N. Gökçe,  Turkey
The evaluation of social studies programs in terms of environment conscious acquirement

S. Sütgibi, Turkey
Delta Ecosystems and degradational impacts: Küçük Menderes Delta


K. Gülüm, Turkey
Geomorphology of the Upper Kocaçay  River Basin

A.  Pedrosa- B.  Martins, Portugal
Soil degradation: Causes and consequences-some examples in northern Porgutal


Ü. E. Ünaldı,  Turkey
The Analysis of the 16-20 October 2006 Alanya tornado event

S. A. Ertürk,  Turkey
Agriculture and tourism conflict: A Case study of Mudanya Region (Bursa) in the north west of Turkey


M. Mosbahi - S. Benabdallah- M.R. Boussema, Tunisia
Impact of rainfall spatial variability on runoff using SWAT model

M. Coşkun - B. Aksoy, Turkey
The effect on the flood of the natural environment conditions on the downstairs of the Aksu Valley (Giresun)


M. A. McAdams, Turkey
Applying GIS and fractal analysis to the study of the urban morpholgy in Istanbul

M.Karakuyu, Turkey
Historical Settlements in the Aegean Region that Lost Their Importance and the Reasons Beyond it


H. Demirkaya - Y. İnel,  Turkey
The Effects of The Yaziköy- Epicentred Burdur Earthquake, (May 12, 1971) on the Residents of the Village

S. Boengiu - A. Vladut - G. Curcan - E. Marinescu, Romania
Hydrical Processes within the Balacita Piedmont






Poster Session- 2                 Hall 1


 A.Soykan - İ. Cürebal,  Turkey
Geomorphic properties of  Kocaçay (kocariver) between İvrindi and Manyas plains

Kristina Toderich - Timur Khujanazarov, Uzbekistan
Improving livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable rangelands, water and livestock management in arid inland desert zones of Central Asia

  N.Dal, S. Baysan, Turkey
Land use changes in coastal areas: An example of Kuşadasi
N. Dimov, Bulgaria- E. Atasoy, Turkey
Regional natural and social synthesis: Structure, hierarchy and spatial organization


E. Özcan - Ü. E. Ünaldı, Turkey
Pomegranate: A plant which the economic value  increases in Turkey

 S.Karadoğan – A. Yıldırım, Turkey
 Fault zone landslides: The effects and geomorphological characteristics of Koyulhisar (Sivas-Turkey) landslide, March 2005




Farewell Dinner at the Hotel

  Field Trip: 1A & 1B
 Friday, June 8, 2007




Field Trip 1A- Cultural and Historic Landscape around Antalya


Field Trip  1B-Natural environment and Taurus Mountains around Antalya

Post Symposium Field Trip:

June 9-13, 2007

Mediterranean Ecosystems Working Group: Field Research Trip

Kemer, Kumluca, Finike, Elmalı, Korkuteli, Burdur, Isparta, Antalya, Kemer



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